Style Organization
Style Organization assists people by helping them to function through organizing. For each client, I customize the organization by the way they live and offer recommendations for re-organizing the home to enable them to function normally on a daily basis without feeling that there are too many options and therefore unable to cope.

Usually overwhelmed with the many organizing options available and are often unable to make a decision in case that it maybe the wrong one, and fearing that they will have to select another option(s). This can cause stress as well as additional work. It is not unusual for confidence to  suffer. To be structured by consolidating the function of the home to be manageable on a daily basis is the goal.

While the organization process is hard work and can be time consuming, we can arrange to do it in manageable chunks so that it is not too tiring and will also leave time for family (if any) and daily commitments. With all my clients we set a plan and we will not leave the home or office disrupted but calmer each time.

Usually I help people who need someone to declutter, organize and/or move. Over the years I have helped several clients who have car accidents which has resulting in an injury to the brain or by becoming wheelchair bound. Occupational Therapist(s) have started to recommended that an organizing service would benefit the client(s). It seems as this service is gaining recognition by assisting the client and is often being paid for by an insurance company through the Accident Benefits section.