Before with A/C unit, cedar shingles, and rails.
After, without the A/C unit and rails, new siding, window and some painted sills.
This balcony overlooking the back garden seemed like a useful space but was not really practical, (really would you make coffee or take a glass of wine up to this tiny space?) as the door that led to it was old and not insulated making it extremely cold in winter and horribly hot in summer. The flat roof needed to be redone and the quotes received were really expensive, probably because it was a small job. Most contractors thought it should be demolished but I liked the shade it offered the back door in summer and the protection in winter.
We switched the door for a window, decided to take off the railings, and redid the flat roof along with the main roof when it was done. Now, the view of the garden is better as well as the house being much more comfortable.