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We have 13 windows in the sitting room, 8 large casement style, 3 sash or double hung and two piano windows which are all original to the house. After much research and visits to home shows and showrooms. We have decided to restore them and add aluminum storms to the outside. We decided to because of the following reasons.
  1. Cost, I could not believe how much it would cost and no guarantee that they would last as long as mine – 89 years and counting.
  2. Character, the wood is sweet gum wood, stained walnut. We could never replicate the patina.
  3. The mess, and wait for all these windows to be ordered and delivered.
How it is being done, We decided to do the casements first, each window has 12 panes. The windows were painted shut, so they had to be opened. We had already decided to replace the glass so it was an easy decision to break the panes, once broken pressure was applied to the frame and eased open. We started by taking out the casement and removing the hardware. Then they were stripped with a heat gun and we found that there were at least 10 coats of paint on the outside frame alone. I had decided on 3mm glass as opposed to 2mm which was the original width. Once ordered, we found that the glass per window being hand-crafted that they were all slightly differing sizes. After removing the paint the wood was re-stained to match the rest of the trim. One of the big changes was to make a border trim instead of using putty which only comes in an off white and would be very time consuming and would need painting. Again we tried a few trim sizes and settled on poplar which was stained to coordinate. The brass hardware had to be stripped, cleaned, and polished. Storms have been ordered.