Style Organization's How To Guide Caulk

Style Organization’s How To Guide – Caulk

I find caulk one of the best and most economical products for sealing up the house and stopping drafts from entering. I use a caulking gun to run a bead of caulk to close up joint cracks. It also comes in colours and in clear. Be aware that silicone is very sticky.
You will need the following:

  1. Tube of caulk
  2. Caulking gun
  3. Wooden skewer
  4. Scissors
  5. Damp sponge
  6. Small bucket of water
  7. Scraper

Make sure area to be caulked is clean and dry. You may need to clean out any old caulk and debris first. Place caulk tube in the gun and cut the nozzle at an angle. Now you can select how big you want the caulk bead to be. Push the wooden skewer in to break the seal and gently press gun handle until caulk appears at the tip. Run the caulk along the crack and if you make a mess take the damp sponge and follow the line to smooth. Use the water to clean the sponge periodically to continue giving a smooth finish. You will notice instantly the draft has gone. This helps you in saving on your heating bills and will help in the summer too.