If the invitation says...

Organize now to enjoy Christmas

I always get a few messages to reprint my countdown to Christmas as it just about  6 weeks away. Here it is!

Making it Easy – What to do this week:

Make a master list of everything that you have to do. Buying gifts and groceries, and make a plan for cooking and cleaning. Confirm your budget for entertaining and gifts. Use your calendar to add all the important events, such as concerts and parties. if you have received invitations, confirm and reserve a babysitter if needed. Decide on what entertaining you will do at home and send an invitation and/or email/call people now. Get out your Christmas files to decide on what to cook and how to decorate. Create a plan if sending out a huge number of cards. Divide the number you need to send by seven and then complete that number every day for the next week. Go through your boxes of decorations and see if anything needs to be replaced. Examine all lights and discard those that are damaged. Take a look at the linens, plates, and glassware that you plan to use and check if it needs to be washed, polished or replaced if so add the task to your master list. Check your storage to see if you can find any gifts bought during the year that you may have forgotten about. If ordering from catalogs and online, do it now for the best selection. Make or confirm any travel arrangements. If you have any projects on the go for Christmas, set a deadline to finish them before it gets really busy. Ditto for children too.  

This weeks shopping list: Christmas cards, stamps, gift wrap, ribbon, candles or tealights, party staples such as olives, crackers, cheeses, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, nuts, and candies. If you drink any wine, beer, and liquor plus soft drinks and mixers.