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Style Organization’s Guide To Shop Like A Pro At Yard Sales & Flea Markets

Flea Markets & Yard Sales
Flea Markets & Yard Sales

Last weekend I traveled up to Grand Bend with a friend to check out The Pinery Flea Market’s Annual Spring Yard Sale. The market is open every Sunday from 8am until 4pm, May to (Canadian) Thanksgiving. In addition to the regular market line up, there are additional sellers for this one sale which was the first one this year. The cost is a $1 per person and includes parking.

We arrived at 8am, parked and perused the stalls. I actually only spent $20 that day while my friend spent a lot more and visited the ATM! My van was filled up! After a couple of hours, we stopped for the hot breakfast and had some coffee. Very convenient! There were proper bathrooms on the premises 

Here are my tips to shop like a pro.

Dress comfortably! Wear your comfy shoes and if the sale is being held outdoors, like the Pinery, which has parking in a field, if it has rained or is  wet, rubber boots or waterproof shoes may be a better option. Wear layers, it was chilly on arrival and as it warmed up I just peeled off a jacket and sweater. Use a messenger style bag so that your hands are free and your wallet safe in your bag.  Sunglasses and sunscreen if you will be out all day.

Arrive Early or at least at the opening time, so you will have the best pick. See if you can do a quick once over to get an idea of what is available.

Once you find your treasure buy it or someone else will.

Bring cash. Most markets only deal in cash (although the Pinery had two ATMs) and bring smaller bills, plus loonies and toonies too.

Have a Plan. Think about what you want, a coffee table or vintage clothing and go looking for these items. Have a notebook with measurements of where your finds may go. Bring a tape measure so you can check the size to see if it will fit.  Other treasures will catch your eye too. I  had seen some pictures of what the vendors were selling but I never found any of the items so the pictures were not current and I had to settle for what was available.

Bring snacks and water in case there is no food or you do not care for what is on offer. Wipes and sanitizer are useful too. Use your camera on your cell phone if you find items that you like but want to see more and then use the photos to compare.

Update, upcycle and rescue any item that you love but is damaged with paint, fabric and more. 

If you are interested in the Pinery Antique Flea & Farmers Market, the address is 10163 Lakeshore Rd, which is 3 miles south of Grand Bend on Hwy 21.  Find them on facebook too.


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