Matchstick Blinds x 8 in Windsor ON

Matchstick Blinds x 8 in Windsor ON

Once we redid the Turkish room – an alcove off our sitting room, we had 8 matchstick style bamboo blinds left over! We gave some away to use as blinds and my daughter still uses one as a tablecloth/cover which simply transformed an ugly plastic rectangular outdoor table. The weight makes it very stable.

We also considered using it a screen to hide the air conditioning unit. Simply take bamboo poles, cut to size of blind plus 12 inches wind around each end securing with twine and press 12 inches into the ground.

Or use as

A sunshade hung up with bamboo poles, screws, hooks or clips.

Cut down and wrapped around large plastic flowerpots.

A potting mat to stand on in muddy areas which can then be easily hosed down.

As a curtain/blind to block out the sun on an open porch.