Estate Sales Organized in Windsor and Essex County

Style Organization Estate Sales In Windsor & Essex County

Style Organization Estate Sales In Windsor & Essex County

Estate Sales and Garage Sales:
Call Style Organization when downsizing, moving or death occurs and estate contents need to be sold quickly by marketing and pricing for the highest amount of money or disposed of in a green way by donation to charities and or charity shops or if the household items are unusable, then they can be taken to be disposed of.
What We Will Do:
We advise that once you have selected what you want to keep, that you move the items out of the house so that they are not inadvertently sold during the sale. If there are any items that need to be valued you should arrange for them to be evaluated as a professional opinion is really worth the fee and items can possibly be sent to auction which will bring in more money. In addition, you may establish minimum prices for a small number of items. Discounts off the tagged price will be made where appropriate based on the amount the customer is buying, the condition of the item(s), or as the sale progresses.
We will take inventory of all the items to be sold, price all items to be sold, organize, clean, arrange and display items to be sold, using all available tables and shelves to display. We will also clean the area where the sale is to be conducted. Clean and polish selected items being sold, such as silverware, fine china, and furniture. Advertising will be listed on our own site, other sites and, if appropriate, we will also place ads in local newspapers. There will be a sign in the yard during the sale with additional signs in the surrounding area.
Meet and greet all buyers making sure everything runs smoothly. The remains of the day or any items left over that were not sold at the sale can be donated to a charity or charity shop if you require. Clean up. Any open or used cleaning, car, prescription and over the counter drugs and open alcohol, bottles cannot be sold for health and safety reasons. We will also check on your behalf for any other items not permitted for resale by law. We will also check the current regulatory requirements under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act or the Food and Drugs Act and any Cosmetic Regulations.

Licensed with Provincial Government of Ontario.  Screened by the OPP and RCMP Police Information Vulnerable Sector Check for the elderly.


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