Moving Seniors

Moving Seniors in Windsor and Essex County

Assisting Seniors and Special Needs in Windsor and Essex County Ontario

Whether you are moving mom and dad or if you need some extra help, so that they can stay in their homes then Style Organization’s  Senior Assist is an enhanced service where we help families in Windsor, and Essex County, especially if relatives are not in the home city, with the overwhelming task of helping seniors stay in their own homes or downsizing seniors and help in setting up their new home positively without feeling they have lost all independence and freedom. Style Organization is committed to helping by bringing empathy and compassion to this undertaking, we can work with you and your family to do it all or fill in some of the gaps.

Staying put maybe a better choice if a senior needs only occasional help with chores and appointments. We can help with any of the following: Shopping, Housekeeping, Errands, Transportation, & Appointments which we list on the concierge & lifestyle services.

Choosing to move homes can be stressful but we can make it easier by using our prep & pack list. We start one room at a time, sorting through your entire possessions with/without family members so that you get to keep and pass on what YOU want we then put aside keepers/donations/estate or yard sale (if you want to have one) and garbage. As soon as you are finished, bag/box up all donations/yard sale and garbage and move or take to the appropriate place. As soon as it is gone, it is out of your way and one less thing to think about. We can also recommend a company that can hold an estate sale.
Arranging for movers, if you have already had referrals from friends and family we will contact them otherwise we will arrange to get three estimates. Once you decide on a company we will make sure to get everything in writing as to what is included, if it’s not included we add to your to-do list.
If a professional mover is to do the packing, we arrange the dates and supervise the move.
If we pack, we start collecting packing supplies; ink-free newspaper as well as boxes and bubble wrap. We can use your kitchen, bathroom, and bed linens as wraps for breakables too. We make sure boxes are not too big otherwise; they will be too heavy to move. As soon as a box is full, we tape it and mark on the outside which room it is going into.
We also think about the client. Little things make the difference, like having any furniture and rugs taken with you steam cleaned prior to the move, the same with your clothing. We can run the washing machine and dryer while packing so that all the clothes are fresh and clean for the move. This also eliminates any potential health issues. We also like to buy a new shower curtain and anything else that is necessary for the clients’ comfort. We clean as we go. Once unpacked, in the new home we will remove any boxes and packaging not required the same day if the moving company does not remove.
We don’t label contents of boxes i.e. silver, as they might be stolen. We arrange with you or your family to take any personal items like jewelry with you on the day of the move. If you have your own vehicle, we pack two small boxes with some snacks and drinks and another with essentials such as light bulbs, toilet paper scissors, and coffee, otherwise label the boxes, open me first in the kitchen. Organize child or pet care if needed.
We can also help arrange the following for change of address and disconnect/final bill payment as well as hook up in your new home:
Family and Friends, Utility Companies, Gas, Electric, Phone, Hydro, Taxes. Cable or satellite, Cell Phone, Canada Post, Revenue Canada, Bank(s), Insurance, Credit Card Companies, Motor Vehicle Licensing/Registration, Subscriptions, Newspapers and Magazines, Healthcare, Schools, Memberships and your Lawyer, plus anyone else that needs to know. Transfer records if applicable.
Once unpacked, we can remove any boxes and packaging not required. If you are not moving into a retirement home, we can find out if there is a local takeaway or pizza delivery for the first night, you will be glad that you do not have to cook.
Have enough cash to cover incidentals and tips on moving day.

Please use the form below to request more information and book a service.

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