Concierge & Lifestyle Services

Concierge Services – Seasonal Decorating – Corporate & Personal Gift Giving in Windsor & Essex County, Ontario
Concierge & Lifestyle Services in Windsor & Essex County, Ontario

A concierge or lifestyle manager can help you take control of your life by contracting out personal tasks to commercial firms and individuals. Style Organization will act as an intermediary for you for any services for clients who simply have too little time or may be unable to carry out a given task for themselves. We offer the following and are willing to work with you on what you need. Concierge Services are perfect for seniors, professionals, parents with children or any busy people, Style Organization offers the following services if you are short of time we can do all of the following and more:

  • Groceries and personal shopping.
  • Pick-up/drop off – outings, appointments for any hospital, doctors, dental and hairdressers.
  • Waiting, delivery & repair.
  • Seasonal decorating.
  • Gift buying.
  • Gift-wrapping, and delivering gorgeous gifts to your clients and friends.

Can’t decide? Gift Certificates are always available.

Please use the form below to request more information and book a service.

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