Carolina in Harrow Ontario

There is absolutely no way I could have gone through my last move without the gentle guidance and organizational skills of Carolina. No task was too small. Everything was possible. Carolina is appositive, kind lady who recognized my disabilities. Everything was done with such grace. With grateful thanks.

Deirdre B Windsor Ontario 2017

I recently used the services of Carolina on a purchase. She is a warm and friendly person who exhibited sterling service. Thank you Carolina for or accommodating my request – you went above and beyond!

Connie Desjardins Ottawa Ontario 2017

 I highly recommend Style Organization for fast and efficient, as well as extremely courteous service.We bought a sofa(sight unseen) through an estate sale that Carolina oversaw this past weekend.The sofa is in excellent condition and amazingly priced! Many e-mails were exchanged between us,while making arrangements for pick up. While other parties were interested in buying the sofa, Carolina kept her word to us in holding the sofa for us until we were able to arrange pick up.It was great to see that the sofa was in the awesome shape that the photo indicated that it was in! I definitely look forward to doing business in the future with Style Organization.

Joanne Caradonna Windsor Ontario 2017

Thank you very much to Style Organization for hosting our estate sale. Carolina helped us through a difficult time by making the cleaning out of our mothers house simple and efficient. A+ rating to her and this lovely organization. We would recommend her to everyone!

Lea Quittenden-Seguin Amherstburg Ontario 2017

I did not have a lot of things except some jewelry, china, small furnishings and clocks left to me by my mother and father but Carolina organized a sale for me even though the house was already sold. Thank you Carolina  

Ms M Burns Walkerville Ontario 2016

Carolina and her team did a terrific job of helping plan, organize and execute the sale of contents for my father’s home. She was professional, thoughtful and very responsive. We were operating on fairly tight timelines and to add a little more complexity to the situation, I live out of town and was not easily available to consult with. Carolina took total control of the process and ultimately we were extremely satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend Carolina and Style Organization.

Mr D Cook Toronto Ontario 2016

“Carolina is the epitome of professional, who has on a number of occasions demonstrated her adaptability to respond effectively to the needs of her clients. She is kind, patient, creative and caring. A winning combination of attributes for someone in her occupation. Job well done Carolina. Keep up the good work.”

Nancy Vanner Owner/Life Care Planner at Life Plans 4 You Windsor Ontario 2016

We wish to thank you for your professionalism in assisting us in our move to London. After accumulating goods over a 25 year period it became overwhelming to us. What do we do? Your experience and advice was well received and appreciated. Based on your concern and help to make our move more pleasant we would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends, again THANK YOU.

Walter & Iris D Tecumseh Ontario 2015

I had been looking for shelving for my loft apartment for four years and had never found anything suitable. With much of my belongings still in boxes I hired Carolina as a last resort on the recommendation of a colleague. She came, she saw, and she took me shopping! Now I have four shelving units two modern and two vintage that show off all my things very elegantly as well as being organized. Carolina is the ultimate, the best at what she does.

Marc Le Blanc Ottawa Ontario 2015

I called Carolina to organize an Estate Sale after my mother died. There was a lot of jewelry and she was able to organize the sale of gold, arrange an offsite sale as the apartment lease was up and continue to sell online. I was very stressed and Carolina was able to take the pressure off.

Mrs D Black Toronto Ontario 2015

“Carolina gave us invaluable and very clear advice on how to pare down and stage our home for sale last year. We were able to follow her recommendations successfully, receiving many commendations for our restyle. And, of course, sold our home at a good price. Carolina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her business – anyone needing to get organized to move could rely on her for sound advice and help. Thank you, Carolina”

Helen Stoesz Riverside Windsor Ontario 2015

We asked Carolina to review our home with a view to what we would need to do make it ready for sale in the future. She gave us a host of suggestions for what was essential, what could be done to update, and what was a nice to do. We were able to project our preparation plans into a priority list and are working through it with efficiency and confidence. We would certainly recommend Carolina – she has a wealth of knowledge, is keenly observant, and is honest and practical in her suggestions. Thank you, Carolina

Don Disher Riverside Windsor Ontario 2015

We just want to thank Carolina for all of her help with our estate sale this week. She and Debbie were very helpful and professional. We would never have been able to get ready for an estate sale in such a short amount of time without them. I would recommend Style Organization to anyone! Thank you ladies!

Mrs B Rabideau Windsor Ontario 2015

I wish I had contacted Carolina sooner! I always had this room in my house where I dumped everything and hated going in there because I could never find what I was looking for half the time. Carolina came in and took a look at everything and made many suggestions. After we sorted through some items (I had no idea how much of this stuff I didn’t need anymore), Carolina put everything in it’s place. Now, I love going in the room because I know where things are – I can actually leave the door open without being embarrassed! Because I had to be accountable to someone, it forced me to finally do what I always wanted to but procrastinated. I love the change so much that she is currently helping me with other rooms in our house and I would highly recommend doing this if you want some organization in your life but just don’t have the time. She’s also great to have helping you or a senior family member if you/they are downsizing into a smaller place. Carolina is very professional and doesn’t stop until you are satisfied with what she has done. I’m extremely pleased with her services!

Sarah Hupalo Lasalle Ontario 2014

I don’t normally do reviews but in this case I must. Style Organization, namely Carolina, has made our lives so much more efficient and has already saved us money. Let me say in a few words, she gave us suggestions on how to clean out our cluttered mess, organize into strategic areas, suggest storage ideas, and she even went as far as to actually label and place everything in our new cupboards. Carolina even organized our food pantry into what expires in 2014 and 2015, go figure, who knew tomato soup had expiry dates. I am now more efficient in my daily life, I even have a “Holding area” for projects that I am currently working on, prior to that I was getting the look every night because I would leave those projects, or parts of them on the counter top in the kitchen. I no longer have to do that. I can also check with a quick glance if I need to purchase something or if I have a back up. I did not realize I had 8 tape measures. I only needed one, but it did not have its place. Now it does. I would 100% refer Carolina and Style Organization for any needs in making your home or office more efficient, which will save you both time and money. PS, Carolina is super patient and knowledgeable and it has been a pleasure to work with her. In fact, she is now helping us de-clutter our garage…I can’t wait for the project to finish!

Frank Michael Lasalle Ontario 2014

I have worked with Carolina McLaughlin on a number of occasions. She has been integral to several large projects involving the sensitive process of downsizing or liquidating estates. Ms. McLaughlin is extremely courteous, professional and wonderfully organised. Her attention to detail and respect for the sensitive nature of this type of work has allowed me to recommend her services to a number of clients. 

Mandy Salter MFA, ISA Salter Art and Appraisals Windsor Ontario 2014

My experience with Carolina McLaughlin surpassed my expectations of home staging. Our home lacked finishing details that I felt were necessary to ask top dollar when we listed our home to sell. Carolina’s imaginative flair transformed our bedrooms just with one suggestion of folding down the coloured bedspread and showing white sheets, the rooms popped. With the help of her staging skills and de-cluttering suggestions, we look forward to an appropriate appraisal value that we can sell our home quickly and be able to downsize comfortably. Her detailed written recommendations were filled with easy makeovers for every room inside our home along with suggestions to transform our curb appeal. Our homes are a very personal part of our own style personality. But once you open yourself to Carolina’s suggestions you will see a world of difference.

Rose Marie R Leamington Ontario 2014

It is a pleasure to write an introduction for Carolina McLaughlin who I met through my membership affiliation with the Women’s Economic Forum. After spending an afternoon chatting with her about her business “Style Organization,” I discovered that in addition to being a professional organizer, her company’s services include: downsizing, senior moves, estate sales, home staging, closet makeovers, seasonal decorating, holiday and/or themed Christmas tree trimming and styling, re-decorating advice in addition to a personal and corporate selection, gift wrapping and delivery service. I have no doubt that there are other projects she could assist you with as well. If time management is challenging you, I encourage you to contact Carolina McLaughlin. She can save you time and money. You won’t regret it.

Janice Fantinic Sales Professional at Signet Jewellers Peoples Jewelers Division Windsor Ontario 2013

Carolina is a classy and dynamic personality which fits very much what she does! Networking is key for Carolina and she connected well with the right business people from the get-go. She provided Biz X magazine with a very valuable gift certificate of one of her services which was given away to a prize winner for one of our recent monthly networking events. Her contribution added to the success of our networking event as donations are a large factor of our event’s success and the enjoyment of our guests… and Carolina’s contribution brought a new service to the table and allowed her to receive some great promo in return. She has also been featured in one of our issues as well and we hope to continue to promote her business in the future!

Darleen Schiavo Windsor Ontario 2013

Carolina is a positive and helpful person who has a passion for design. She can walk into a room, size up its strengths and weaknesses, and make practical suggestions that maximize the former and minimize the latter. Nothing fazes her, and she is able to work with just about any budget. I found her to be a true joy to work with. She listened to me and worked with me to make the best of some challenging spaces. She did this with humour and grace. I highly recommend her.

Julie S Windsor Ontario 2013

Yes, don’t hesitate. Go ahead and hire Carolina. You won’t regret your decision. She sees the potential in all spaces, and helps you to realize it. In every case, the after-Carolina rooms beat the before-Carolina rooms, hands down. My only regret is that I did not hire her sooner.

Jim K Windsor Ontario 2013

This was a difficult project as Carolina was to supposed to move me into the finished basement apartment of my son’s home. During the walk through many problems were found including some faulty wiring and pipes that were leaking in the bathroom. Carolina was able to find good workers to correct the problems and re-designed my living area complete with bedroom, sitting room and bathroom. I am most pleased with the underfloor heating in the bathroom, the “garage” for my walker and the new chair that reclines.

Elizabeth W Tecumseh Ontario 2013

Carolina’s recommendations assisted us in getting our home sold in three weeks. Do your own staging or let Carolina and her team of professionals do it for you.

Marilyn S Kingsville Ontario 2012

My mom and dad bought a house that needed a lot of work. My room was really ugly but my mom said she would make it really nice and asked me what color and furniture I wanted.  Carolina helped me choose the colors – purples with silver and I choose the lights and lamp which give it that cool shadowy effect in the photo and she even framed one of my pictures from art class.

Emma L Riverside Ontario 2012

 I hired Carolina to help me organize my tools and supplies for my business as I was extremely busy with clients. Carolina understood exactly what I needed and through organizing my shop, she has saved me time as well as money. Since then I have used her on numerous occasions and have always found her work to be first class.

Marie M Windsor Ontario 2012

In the NEWS

http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/730689091723 22 July 2016  Top Story on Moving in Windsor Ontario.

http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/710805571930 23 June 2016 Spot on Windsor & Essex County’s new mentorship program to continue to attract the over 50s to create new businesses and startups.

Happy Birthday to Style Organization of Windsor & Essex County http://www.bizxmagazine.com/issues/September-2014/#p=15

Nominee – “Home Is Where This Stager Is” – Biz X Award, Biz X Magazine November 2013. Biz X has been honouring the leading businesses of Windsor and Essex County since 1998 with its creative and exciting annual awards program. They recognize the cream of the crop – businesses and individuals which are believed to be outstanding in their respective categories.




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