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Repurposing & Making it Useful – Earring Organizer.

My friend Kim who is super creative, stopped by and saw my “new” to me earring organizer and declared it “pure genius” and said that I had to post it so all could adapt. It was an old very tall CD stand in black that I spray painted gold but you could leave as is or paint any color you would like.

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Getting Ready for Fall – Why Don’t You…

Style Organization offers solutions
Style Organization offers solutions

Start applying a good hand cream up to your elbows and feet just before bed and you will have softer, more youthful looking hands and feet in no time.
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My Art-Deco Bar! Here Are The Results

#style organization

It was a lot more work, but it always is. I love the way it looks now and the cupboards hold all the bottles. The drawer holds corkscrews etc. with the lower cupboard housing overflow.

#style organization

This is the neat part, open the top and there is a mixing area for drinks. 

#style organization

Here are the new knobs 7 in all. Ready to have a cocktail party and serve a cocktail to Hercule Poirot I think. Fancy dress perhaps!

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My Art-Deco Bar Another Project! The Before

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco
My Art-Deco Bar Another Project!

I saw this online and I thought it would be the perfect piece to store all our drinks as well as look great in our very 1930s dining room. Please note that most of my staging projects lend a contemporary look when staging to sell, but it is always different in your own home, as the way you live is indeed different to when you place your home up for sale.

My latest project had to be repaired and restained as once home, I found it was coming apart at the back and needed to be thoroughly cleaned, repaired, reglued, and reinforced.  It also needed to be restained. New shelves to be made and stained as the old ones had buckled and would not support any weight. It was useful to have them as templates for the ones to be made. New knobs ordered as some were broken and the drawer to be lined. The reveal will come soon. 

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco

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Extra Seating – When You Need It @styleorganization


Recovered! During the heatwaves, I like to work indoors with the A/C on! I had these two stools that were beginning to look shabby. and I thought I would have to pay to get them recovered in the same style, or get rid of them which was not that popular with the family. So I decided to take them apart...

Extra Seating - when you need it @styleorganization

Original – The before.

With the top cushion cut off…

Side by side…

The new material which was a fab find that I have had for years and been dying to use.

Completed in a couple of hours with a staple gun. I placed the top cushion on top of the lower footstool and pulled the material tight and stapled underneath. They look great against the back of the leather sofa. I think I may paint the little legs green too now I have seen the pictures.

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Tour Guide – A walk in London – London Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge

London, (UK) is my hometown and on a recent visit we took this walk, starting at London Bridge Station, passing the Shard which is an impressive triangular shaped skyscraper and then hitting Borough High Street, we stopped at The George a really old coaching Inn (I am talking stagecoach, not motor coach) for a drink. Then on to Borough and Jubilee Markets, which are super trendy with lots of character.

 Here is The Clink, London’s first jail and now a tourist attraction.
Past this lovely pub opposite
Sir Francis Drake’s The Golden Hind
On past Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
To the Millenium Bridge
A view of St Paul’s Cathedral on the Millenium Bridge
And Tate Modern
Down Carter Lane passing Wardrobe Place – great sign for a walk in closet
And it is so pretty and quiet!
Last stop. The Black Friar pub at Blackfriars, more drinks this is another old ale house.This one would be great in a Dan Brown novel with all the words and symbols.


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Small Home Projects That Make Life Easier – Handbag Rack

Wall Mounted Handbag Storage
Wall Mounted Handbag Storage

In my last house we had several peg racks but in this house, we have a large closet and often smaller items are difficult to reach with all the overcoats for all of us plus guests. To make things easier I started hanging my handbag on the dining room doorknob, not really practical, so when out yard saleing on Saturday, I spotted this Shaker style 4 peg wall mounted wood rack that I thought would be perfectly placed under my shelf that holds my key dish and sundries. On Sunday after cleaning and polishing the rack, I drilled 3 holes in my plaster wall added 3 screw anchors and 3 screws and 20 minutes later it is up, holding my handbag and tote and anything else that I want to hang so it is ready to leave with me. Now that is what I call Style Organization!

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day

I found this photo by accident, it was one that had I had taken in Ottawa some years ago outside Sugar Mountain which is a candy shop selling all your childhood favourite chocolate bars and more.

The photo is not perfect so written out in candy wrappers (the capitals) it says.

GOOD NEWS it’s Father’s Day!

You are a huge NERD but you are full of SMARTIES. Mum thinks you are a BIG HUNK and a SWEETIE. You are MOUNDS of fun and you are worth more than 100 GRAND and we love you NOW & LATER. Our POP ROCKS!

Happy Father’s Day