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Changing Tastes Evolve with Lifestyle, Moving & Fashion

Wood for Good in Windsor On
Some of my Brown Furniture!

Below is an article that I read in Saturday’s National Post. It is something that I have been advising clients, that tastes have and will change constantly. Our children and grandchildren no longer want the things we have collected except for fine art and classic cars which have actually escalated in value. The hardest hit being china, glassware, and antique wooden furniture — known as brown furniture, have all suffered severe price drops and is now easily available at a fraction of its original price. There is now only a smaller group who collect for the love of vintage. It is often the green upcycler, the frugal, and the stylish, looking for something solid, unique, and in keeping with the times, purchase an item to re-imagine, upcycle or paint into something modern looking like the current fave, Scandi.

Antiques are so yesterday


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Attention All Cold Emailers – Please Do Not Respond

Help when you need it in Windsor & Essex County
Help when you need it in Windsor & Essex County

Dear Cold Emailers

Forgive me for not replying to any of the unsolicited e-mails and the follow-ups that I receive on a daily basis. All of you who cold email should know that my spam box is forever full and the ones that do make it to my inbox tell me the same thing that nobody can find my website (really) and with the right SEO I can be no 1!

While it is not my intention to be rude I truly do not wish to respond to the 20 plus that arrives on a daily basis. I simply do not have the time. So enjoy the Veronicas!




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Panko! Who knew!

You learn something new every day and I found this interesting. Panko is Japanese-style crustless bread that is baked by electrocution in an oven that is cool to the touch or perhaps better explained by an electric current passing through the dough. Once cooked the texture is much crisper and airier and it actually resists absorbing grease and oils when fried giving your breadcrumbed food a much lighter taste.

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Real Easy Green Cleaning – The Stars

Help when you need it in Windsor & Essex County
Help when you need it in Windsor & Essex County
These natural and effective products work well doing the following, are kind to the skin and environment while still being easy on the pocketbook:
Baking soda deodorizes, scrubs without scratching, softens hard water, removes stains and when mixed with vinegar effectively cleans drains.
Vinegar is a mild acid which disinfects most surfaces, and unclogs things like shower heads. It will also clean mould and mildew.
Liquid castile soap is good for any type of cleaning where you need soap.
Salt is good for rinsing your throat if sore, (do not swallow) and for setting colours especially deep pink, reds and deep blues prior to washing. Salt can be used to clean grubby cutting boards, just rub in with some real lemon, let sit for a few minutes and then rinse with very hot water and air dry.
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Multi Taskers – Coffee Filters Can Do

Polish Sunglasses with a Coffee Filter in Windsor
Polish Sunglasses with a Coffee Filter
  1. Use between plates and pots and pans to protect fine finishes and from scratches.
  2. Great for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, mirrors and windows as they do not leave lint on clean surfaces.
  3. Keeping vegetables fresh and crunchy after slicing, just add one to the container, add your veggies or add to a box if spring greens and the coffee filter will absorb any moisture.
  4. If you have oily skin or have humid summers, cut into strips and use them to blot away any excess oil and sweat, tuck a couple into a purse or gym bag. 
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The 12 Days of Christmas and the Meaning – 12th Day

Merry Christmas from Carolina at Style Organization Windsor & Essex County
Merry Christmas from Carolina at Style Organization Windsor & Essex County

The “twelve lords a leaping” Or twelve drummers drumming are the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostles Creed. 

Interesting don’t you think? Happy Christmas all