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Convert A Shoulder Bag to A Messenger Bag Easily

Style Organization in Windsor
Style Organization in Windsor Ontario

I love the style of messenger bags, hands-free and great for security especially when shopping and travelling but I did not want to buy any more purses/handbags. This practical black shoulder bag had a belt buckle that was usable and as I had a black belt that was not being used I added the belt to make a longer strap. now my shoulder bag has been converted to a messenger bag that I use daily.

If your bag only has a strap but has open metal hardware that links the strap to the bag you can still convert it using a long belt or two (if you don’t have one handy, hit the thrift shops) or use some tough woven strap. Simply sewing them around the hardware with really tough cotton.

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Chinese Scissors – It’s a Wrap!

I like these scissors, inexpensive and sharp but I hated the iron smell that lingered, even after washing my hands. I had some binding tape so I covered the handles, no smell and as a bonus, they are more comfortable to use. Simply wrap once around with a couple of stitches to hold in place and then tightly wrap each loop and finally finish with a few more stitches to hold in place.

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Updating Cold Weather Wear

A Pale Scarf to Update in Windsor Ontario
A Pink Scarf Will Update Your Winter Coat Now! 
If you only have one coat the easiest way to make it look different is with a scarf, gloves, and hat in this seasons colours or if you already have a big selection, just rotate them for a constant new look that will make you look current. 
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Repurposing & Making it Useful – Earring Organizer.

My friend Kim who is super creative, stopped by and saw my “new” to me earring organizer and declared it “pure genius” and said that I had to post it so all could adapt. It was an old very tall CD stand in black that I spray painted gold but you could leave as is or paint any color you would like.

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Extra Seating – When You Need It @styleorganization


Recovered! During the heatwaves, I like to work indoors with the A/C on! I had these two stools that were beginning to look shabby. and I thought I would have to pay to get them recovered in the same style, or get rid of them which was not that popular with the family. So I decided to take them apart...

Extra Seating - when you need it @styleorganization

Original – The before.

With the top cushion cut off…

Side by side…

The new material which was a fab find that I have had for years and been dying to use.

Completed in a couple of hours with a staple gun. I placed the top cushion on top of the lower footstool and pulled the material tight and stapled underneath. They look great against the back of the leather sofa. I think I may paint the little legs green too now I have seen the pictures.

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Ideas Worth Saving – Using what You Have -Matchstick Bamboo Blinds X 6 Ideas

Matchstick Blinds x 8 in Windsor ON
Matchstick Blinds x 8 in Windsor ON

Once we redid the Turkish room – an alcove off our sitting room, we had 8 matchstick style bamboo blinds left over! We gave some away to use as blinds and my daughter still uses one as a tablecloth/cover which simply transformed an ugly plastic rectangular outdoor table. The weight makes it very stable.

We also considered using it a screen to hide the air conditioning unit. Simply take bamboo poles, cut to size of blind plus 12 inches wind around each end securing with twine and press 12 inches into the ground.

Or use as

A sunshade hung up with bamboo poles, screws, hooks or clips.

Cut down and wrapped around large plastic flowerpots.

A potting mat to stand on in muddy areas which can then be easily hosed down.

As a curtain/blind to block out the sun on an open porch.

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$aver – Make You Own Cold Brewed Coffee

Enjoying a cold one in Windsor
Enjoying a cold one in Windsor

It is one thing to go out for tea or coffee but pre-made cold brewed coffee is something that I find extraordinarily expensive at the supermarket, especially as it so easy to make your own.

Make this instead! Iced Coffee Concentrate

Grind one cups of coffee beans coarsely, add the ground coffee to 2 cups of water that has been left to come to room temperature using a French press, large jug or jar. Leave covered on the countertop for 24 hours. Push down the press or if using jug/jar strain through a filter or cheesecloth. 

To serve: Fill a glass with ice (you can make ice cubes from the cold brew if you do not want the coffee diluted) Add your coffee concentrate, milk, water, soy, almond, cashew, coconut or sweetened condensed milk in whatever proportions you like. All are delicious. Try starting with half of each. If you take sugar, make a batch of simple sugar syrup to use with your cold drinks. If you want to make a larger batch, just double the amounts.


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Quick & Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches & Strawberry Shortcakes


Suddenly after a cold April, we are having a mini heatwave! I love the giant ladyfingers as a snack with a cup of coffee but with the hot weather, we made some ice cream sandwiches and strawberry shortcakes, so delicious, quick and easy. Use your favourite combinations.