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My Art-Deco Bar Another Project! The Before

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco
My Art-Deco Bar Another Project!

I saw this online and I thought it would be the perfect piece to store all our drinks as well as look great in our very 1930s dining room. Please note that most of my staging projects lend a contemporary look when staging to sell, but it is always different in your own home, as the way you live is indeed different to when you place your home up for sale.

My latest project had to be repaired and restained as once home, I found it was coming apart at the back and needed to be thoroughly cleaned, repaired, reglued, and reinforced.  It also needed to be restained. New shelves to be made and stained as the old ones had buckled and would not support any weight. It was useful to have them as templates for the ones to be made. New knobs ordered as some were broken and the drawer to be lined. The reveal will come soon. 

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco

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Style Organize a Refresh – Renovate & Redecorate

Style Organize a Refresh - Renovate & Redecorate
In Place
After In Place










This was an ugly little cupboard “as is” missing a drawer but it was just 10 inches wide and would fit into a small bedroom as an additional nightstand and with guests arriving we wanted them to be comfortable. With a new shelf added, a knob for the drawer, glass for the doors and a fresh coat of paint, it fits in perfectly. So useful! 


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Staining Window Trim -The Before

The door to the small (and really useless) balcony was letting in cold air and was really drafty so we decided to replace it with a window. I know that staining trim is really unpopular but I love it because the grain shows through perfectly and once done you really don’t have to worry about it for years unless you really neglect it and I really hate painting wood as it never really looks perfect.