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A Style Organization “Staging” Blueprint

Cleared in Tecumseh
Cleared in Tecumseh

Let everyone in the house know that a lot of effort, time, and money has been spent for you to enjoy your home while showing it for sale.

You can now park all three cars in the garage as all remaining possessions have now been cleaned and organized with everything flowing in a comfortable safe way for all the family and pets while reclaiming space within the cupboards and reorganizing the garages, the breezeway, the cabana and all interior levels for a more practical use. We have also itemized, cataloged and stored items that you wanted to keep with easy access in the designated storage rooms.

Now that all your rooms have been reclaimed for their proper use, by organizing them your house will be easy to show and will not leave buyers guessing their use.

Please take the time to look in all the rooms, closets, and cupboards to re-familiarize yourself with where items are placed and if you want to change something so that it works better please go ahead and do it or contact me. Just try to do it when you have some spare time such as the weekend or advise your housekeeper.

The house looks calmer and this will save time and energy on a daily basis. It is safe for all occupants as all the roadblocks have now been removed as well as being easier to move around and find all items needed as clutter has gone. You don’t have to worry about the “unknowns” and you get to enjoy and relax in your home at its best instead of being stressed out. It will be easy to tidy up when it gets occasionally untidy and it will.

 On a daily basis you should consider the following: Create a routine that is right for you which includes the children.Get everyone to take 10 – 15 minutes to clear the daily clutter prior to bedtime. It can be as simple as putting laundry in the chute as well as getting things ready for the next day.

As all the laundry is done by your housekeeper on a daily basis and it is already incorporated into the routine adding any additional chores should be easy to control.

Little things make a difference such as:

  • Corralling things in trays so they are easy to relocate to their homes.
  • Always prune your paper pile-up on a daily basis
  • Keep all the coffee tables clear. At least 75%
  • Purge items no longer required by placing unwanted items in a box that is left in your closet – one per closet and once full schedule your favourite charity to pick up or take to a thrift shop to donate prior to a grocery shop.

For cleaning, create a routine where you can tell your housekeeper what rotation you would like them to clean. Cleaning on a weekly schedule and deep clean on a rotating basis.

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Real Easy Green Cleaning – The Stars

Help when you need it in Windsor & Essex County
Help when you need it in Windsor & Essex County
These natural and effective products work well doing the following, are kind to the skin and environment while still being easy on the pocketbook:
Baking soda deodorizes, scrubs without scratching, softens hard water, removes stains and when mixed with vinegar effectively cleans drains.
Vinegar is a mild acid which disinfects most surfaces, and unclogs things like shower heads. It will also clean mould and mildew.
Liquid castile soap is good for any type of cleaning where you need soap.
Salt is good for rinsing your throat if sore, (do not swallow) and for setting colours especially deep pink, reds and deep blues prior to washing. Salt can be used to clean grubby cutting boards, just rub in with some real lemon, let sit for a few minutes and then rinse with very hot water and air dry.
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Style Organization’s How To – Clean Brass Hardware from the Windows

Some of the brass window hardware getting a paint stripping bath.
  1. Work in your yard or garden, as this stuff is strong, don’t use it indoors unless well ventilated, if you can take it outside.
  2. Use really tough thick rubber gloves as paint stripper will burn
  3. Use safety goggles or glasses that you can see through, I use an old pair of sunglasses that are almost clear.
  4. Using aluminium sheets from a roll that I use for cooking, place in a large metal container, I used a paint tray
  5. Add hardware to be stripped.
  6. Add paint stripper and leave for 20 minutes to soften.
  7. Remove paint with fine wire wool.
  8.  Using an old metal coffee can and a little washing up liquid wash and rinse well.
  9. Use a product like Brasso to polish and clean.

I found very thick coats of green, pink, white and cream paint. I had to repeat as not all the paint was was removed.

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Real Easy Green Cleaning – Natural Homemade Cleaners – Home Made Daily Shower Cleaner

I have been experimenting for a home made shower cleaner to use in between the big clean and this one seems to work the best.
In a large spray bottle (I used a litre size) add the following:
1 Cup white vinegar
2 Tablespoons of any type dishwasher rinse agent
Fill the remainder of the bottle with water, distilled or filtered if the water in your area is hard.
Spray on and leave to clean.
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Hoarders – Windsor and Essex County

Carolina clearing a hoarders debris in Windsor Ontario
Carolina clearing a hoarders debris in Windsor Ontario

There has been a lot of interest in hoarders in the news recently; The Windsor Star (see below) reported a new initiative for helping hoarders in Windsor and Essex County from the Windsor Fire Services and the Family Services of Windsor-Essex. Biz X magazine is also preparing an article on Hoarders in Windsor and Essex County for their February 2014 edition.

It is not a new phenomenon, but with TV shows and more interest in organizing and staging homes for sale, the spin-off to these popular shows has found that hoarding has become a hot topic. Generally it is mostly seniors and although it can arise from illness such as dementia, it is often because seniors find it too difficult when they become unable to care for themselves.

Style Organization has experience in helping seniors and anyone who needs help in decluttering, downsizing and organizing their homes for easier and accessible living or when moving to a retirement home or smaller residence. No project is too big or small, however when it comes to homes that have gross filth and neglect that has led to an unhealthy and dangerous living environment; especially when children and pets are involved. Usually at this point governmental agencies become involved and may call in companies that have certification, special clothing, and training to remove and clean up these hazards which often include mould, expired food, rodent, and insect infestations from bedbugs, mice, rats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, ants, and cockroaches.

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Fab Finds – Norwex Cleaning Products & Rose Marie Roach

Fab Finds
Fab Finds 

The Best Products Today – Norwex Cleaning Products
When you do what I do having great products to assist you can be half the battle. While I don’t really enjoy cleaning, I love having a clean home and when I work I need to do a thorough job while managing my time. When my friend and colleague Rose Marie Roach told me about Norwex she told me the following “Pelee View is cleaned without chemicals. I’m learning more and more about using Norwex products all through my house and personally too as I recently joined Norwex as a Sales Consultant. My grocery list is void of the various phosphate and chemically filled products. So I’m saving money, saving time and saving the environment”.
I was interested because you don’t need to use chemicals. Once Rose Marie demonstrated the product at Pelee View ( and at a party in my home I was sold. Norwex cloths and cleaners are fabulous! To purchase product, have a home party to see Norwex products, please contact Rose Marie at 519-324-9536 or by email

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Getting the Smell out of Plastic Food Containers

Some one was complaining about her plastic containers not smelling very nice, so I told her to put some newspaper in and reattach the lid, leaving overnight to see if  it would draw the smell out. She said it did. Works with suitcases and bags, just make sure that the lining will not be marked by newsprint, so save the plain paper for that job. 
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Screen Time! Cleaning Windows and Eavestrough too!

Cleaning the outside
Cleaning the outside
Day off from cleaning up after my ‘crew’ so it is screen time for me, not as exciting as it sounds, I removed all 7 screens from the basement to clean in preparation for the window cleaner to wash the windows and I have someone to clean out the gutters too.interesting.