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Using Monochromatic Colour Schemes


For my wardrobe, I really like using monochromatic colour schemes where you take one colour and use various paler and darker shades of the same colour then pair with a neutral such as black or white.  Here the earrings are the same colour. 

I do the same in my rooms too. For example, a monochromatic room in green may include different shades of green on upholstery fabric, walls, and curtains, the neutral may be a white ceiling and woodwork.

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Taking Care – Washing Clothing & Linens for Seniors

A favourite scarf, a souvenir from San Francisco
A favourite scarf, a souvenir from San Francisco

I find that when I move seniors it helps to wash their clothes and linens prior to moving. If clothing calls for hand washing. I find this can be done on the delicate cycle of the washing machine. To protect the clothing and the seniors skin. I do the following:

    1 Use a gentle detergent, such as for babies or woolite.
    2 Turn clothes inside out.
    3 Protect lingerie and hosiery in a mesh bag or for the frugal a pillow case tied up with a ribbon.
    4 Make sure any zippers are done up.
    5 Shake out gently and hang to dry.

    When the senior moves everything is fresh. It works for everyone.