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Style Organization’s More Dash than Cash – Art Work

Punch Cigar Label from Cigar Box
Menu – L’ Espadon Ritz Paris

I have always thought that some packaging is so beautiful and that they would make good candidates to frame. Andy Warhol took well designed everyday items such as Campbell’s soup and Perrier water and turned them into posters and the rest is history. I really like the labels from Cuban cigar boxes, wine labels, and restaurant menus and more. Find some you like and frame or have someone frame it for you. It will be your one of a kind “Pop Art”

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Collections & Fab Finds – White is Right

Take a look at most design magazines and you will find pictures of same themed items on a coffee table or shelf as a design statement, here I have displayed a collection of old milk glass and  have mixed it up with clear glass for a variation on this theme, on top of a china cabinet. An ideal place for storage on display! It is easy to access and use, for any holiday ie, Canada Day with red flowers, or  use tea lights, real or battery operated in the vases in the winter for a soft warm glow and you can switch it up for any holiday by just getting creative.  
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Style Organization Collects – Switch Plates and Plug Covers

Matching Set

When we moved in there was only plastic switchplates and covers in the house, and I do like to collect the old style plates for my plug outlets and light switches which compliment the rooms. Here are my latest finds.

Very Art-Deco
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Showing your Colours – True Brit

In London for 2012 you can’t help but be caught up in the pride that everyone was showing for the Diamond Jubilee and the coming Olympics, here are my souvenirs and presents to share.

Tote Bag from Brick Lane Market
Shortbread in a collectable tin from M&S
Bunting from Waitrose
Huge Scarf from Brick Lane Market
Tin of Chocolates from M&S
Cushion from Sainsbury’s