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This Weekend – Declutter & Organize The Family Room

Begin to sort through any games, books, CDs, DVDs and videos. Arrange into piles to keep, donate or keep for a spring yard sale, clean and price them now then put aside in a box so you will be organized on the day of the sale. Return any loaners.

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Style File and Quick Fixes. De-cluttering Your Wardrobe & Getting Ready For Spring.

Re-imagined for Spring in Windsor
Re-imagined for Spring in Windsor. Simply take a basket with handles and wrap a favourite scarf, tying the corners of the scarf to the handles. Takes 5 minutes and can be changed so easily!

It is finally above zero for more then two days at a time. At this time of year I feel very lethargic but with the promise of spring, I make myself organize my wardrobe for the upcoming season. Once I have done that I will take myself off to window shop to see what the upcoming season looks like. You can also do this to refresh your home.

Have ready baskets/bags for repairs/donations/re-imagined items.
Without taking anything out of your wardrobe, check all the hanging items for the following:
• Any items that need repair or replace a button, put to one side of wardrobe for later or if you are ready to mend the items toss into a basket/bag.
• Any items that are faded or stained that you no longer feel look good, these can be used for messy jobs such as painting. Items like t-shirts can be cut up for rags for later uses.
• Check any items that can be re-imagined.
• Any items that are in good condition that you no longer want can be donated (donations put in bag now) or save for later and have a swap meet which has become popular.
• Any designer item (especially vintage) in good condition can be sold online, or taken to a consignment store.
Anything can be saved for a garage or yard sale.

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The Sleeping Beauty Garage

The walls are covered with ivy and it looks as if nobody has been in for 100 years, of course, it looks pretty but it is not so good for the stonework which is spalling in places and needs repair in others.
Update: The electricians are STILL changing the knob and tube – what a mess! all the baseboards have to be taken off and the dust with the removal of old plaster and lathe… tomorrow looks to be the worst day as they are doing the bedroom we are camped in. The plumbers fixed all the leaky taps, and pipes and are coming back again tomorrow. I have finally cleared up all the rubbish in the attic as it was garbage day today. Finally cleared out the garage and pruned some very thorny bushes that were in the way.
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Call me for Home Staging

Clean lines
Clean lines

It happens every time, it happened again today, when someone calls to arrange a home staging consultation they often think that I am going to criticize their taste and possibly the way they live, when in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth.

My business is to show people how to get their house presented for sale and show off its best features, rather like getting the house dressed up for a party or the holidays. I can stage your home for the holidays too.

I like to show you how to shift from how you live (in jeans) which usually means having all your “stuff” at hand to showroom presentation style (party dress and jewelry).

Before I arrive you do not need to clean and declutter as we might use something wonderful that you already have. You probably have enough to stage already, most people have too much, usually if we purchase it is a practical thing like a shower curtains to freshen up a bathroom so buyers can imagine living in your home.

We can always work with  a strict budget with home staging there is a lot of elbow grease and then we update to get that wow factor. 

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All in One Place

One website, several blogs and of course many social media sites, it was time to clear up the online clutter. I wanted everything in one place so with this updated website I hope to achieve a comfortable flow both for reader and writer.
I want you to $ave time and money with neat solution, ideas worth saving, recipes and tips to re-imagine, re-envision, re-purpose and adapt for any lifestyle.  It should read as a useful resource – an online magazine for the reader and an online file for me, as all my written resources are all in one place

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Closet Makeover Part 1 Taking it all Out and Then Some!


My client said it would not take long no more then a couple of hours, she needed just a little help and thought a closet makeover would be in order,  but even I was surprised at how much this 5 foot by 32 inch closet could hold, apart from it being jammed full of clothes like a magician’s hat, things just kept coming out – it also held the following:

  • 2 sleeping bags
  • hula hoop
  • yoga mat
  • large empty suitcase
  • 6 assorted totes
  • small stepladder
  • box of Christmas gifts that were supposed to be given away in 2011 but never found
  • blow up beach ball
  • 4 soft toys
  • baseball bat
  • umbrella
  • box assorted caps
  • assorted pieces of material
  • 3 baskets
  • 5 cans of paint
  • bag of books to be returned to the library
  • staple gun
  • picture frame
  • towel rail
  • small footstool
  • hanging bag of shoes
  • 7 handbags
  • assorted belts
  • assorted scarves

Closet makeovers are really to edit and find your style, to present a closet that is beautifully organised and useful. It is supposed to be easy to decide on an outfit every morning, because each item in your closet would be something that you love, it would be up to date, and definitely compliment you. This closet had to be decluttered too. In addition it was looking a little shabby so after clearing out it was cleaned, repaired and painted.

There was a shelf in the kitchen that held cookbooks that I was able to re-purpose for the closet and once painted the same colour as the closet it looked almost custom.


Cleared out


The shelf


The closet painted


With shelf added


I really wanted to add the clothes (only) but will do that tomorrow as I wanted the paint to be dry and not spoil anything. Part two, the reveal coming soon.