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Healthy Living – Lighten Up Your Food With Easy Tips

Lighten up your food
Lighten up your food
You don’t have to be on a diet to watch the fat content in your food, here are some easy tips.
1. Add cooked rice, any kind, to a soup and puree to give it a really creamy taste.
2. No rice, puree a cooked potato instead.
3. Use applesauce, mashed bananas or prune puree for some of the fat in your baked goods. Replace small amount gradually to taste.
4. In a creamy dish such as a custard use evaporated low-fat milk to give a whole milk taste.
5. Make your own breadcrumbs for toppings etc by using a whole-wheat bread which will give you more B vitamins and cholesterol busting fiber, keeps your hunger at bay longer too. 
6. Blend butter and olive oil, usually 50/50 together, using a mixer for an easy spread to help you use less without sacrificing taste.
7. Bake your fries in the oven, two ways, drizzle with a little olive oil, my current fave is basil infused oil or dry roast with just a little salt on top.
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10 Tips to Organize Food & Cupboards in the Kitchen

Cupboards tidied by Style Organization in Windsor
Cupboards tidied by Style Organization in Windsor
Organizing your kitchen cupboards will help you save time and money, no more wasted food!

Take a day or tackle one cupboard or drawer at a time on a daily basis until it is done, pencil it in your calender so you don’t forget.

  1. Use an airtight box(s) to store opened cookies and crackers, taking note of expiry dates so they don’t go stale. Reheat in oven if they seem a bit soggy to crisp them up again.
  2. Use clips on cereal bags or use tall airtight boxes which allow for pouring easily.
  3. Older in front, newer at the back when unpacking groceries.
  4. Use a magazine holder or a large empty cereal box to store boxes of parchment paper, aluminium foil etc that take up less space and not fall over unless you have a lot of drawers that you can designate one drawer for these supplies.
  5. Use trays with sides in cupboards to corral small items like herbs and spices for easy access.
  6. Get rid of any plastic containers that have no lids to free up space.
  7. Use glass jars and mason jars to store dry foods that also clean easily. It is also trendy to have some on display with pasta or orange lentils for colour and appeal. FYI Small mason jars are trending as individual serving containers for desserts and drinks with the larger ones as salad in a jar for picnics. If you want to buy there are two sizes standard and wide mouth. For preserving use with metal rings and lids and for storing foods use with the white plastic screw on tops that are sold separately in the grocers or hardware stores.
  8. Zip top bags take up less space in fridge and freezer. Also good if you are portioning up single meals.
  9. When purchasing boxes for storage buy square as they take up less space and try to find ones where the lid is stored on the base like Rubbermaid.
  10. Throw out anything that you are unsure of or won’t use again.  

Tweak or correct anything that does not work for you. Now keep it going for 21 days and you will be organized.