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Let there be Light! Awnings Down!

With awning.
Without Awning!
I had been dying to take down the ratty awnings that shaded the dining room and one of the bedrooms making both rooms seem like caves. So I mentioned to my trusty handy man that I would love to see them gone and now they are, enhancing the exterior too, making it look less busy.
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Healthy Living – Lighten Up Your Food With Easy Tips

Lighten up your food
Lighten up your food
You don’t have to be on a diet to watch the fat content in your food, here are some easy tips.
1. Add cooked rice, any kind, to a soup and puree to give it a really creamy taste.
2. No rice, puree a cooked potato instead.
3. Use applesauce, mashed bananas or prune puree for some of the fat in your baked goods. Replace small amount gradually to taste.
4. In a creamy dish such as a custard use evaporated low-fat milk to give a whole milk taste.
5. Make your own breadcrumbs for toppings etc by using a whole-wheat bread which will give you more B vitamins and cholesterol busting fiber, keeps your hunger at bay longer too. 
6. Blend butter and olive oil, usually 50/50 together, using a mixer for an easy spread to help you use less without sacrificing taste.
7. Bake your fries in the oven, two ways, drizzle with a little olive oil, my current fave is basil infused oil or dry roast with just a little salt on top.