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Tour Guide – A walk in London – London Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge

London, (UK) is my hometown and on a recent visit we took this walk, starting at London Bridge Station, passing the Shard which is an impressive triangular shaped skyscraper and then hitting Borough High Street, we stopped at The George a really old coaching Inn (I am talking stagecoach, not motor coach) for a drink. Then on to Borough and Jubilee Markets, which are super trendy with lots of character.

 Here is The Clink, London’s first jail and now a tourist attraction.
Past this lovely pub opposite
Sir Francis Drake’s The Golden Hind
On past Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
To the Millenium Bridge
A view of St Paul’s Cathedral on the Millenium Bridge
And Tate Modern
Down Carter Lane passing Wardrobe Place – great sign for a walk in closet
And it is so pretty and quiet!
Last stop. The Black Friar pub at Blackfriars, more drinks this is another old ale house.This one would be great in a Dan Brown novel with all the words and symbols.


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Some Favourite Jermyn Street Shops – London UK

The original shop from 1730 – so amazing.
A real Cheesemonger over 200 hundred years old! It has been updated though.