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My Art-Deco Bar Another Project! The Before

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco
My Art-Deco Bar Another Project!

I saw this online and I thought it would be the perfect piece to store all our drinks as well as look great in our very 1930s dining room. Please note that most of my staging projects lend a contemporary look when staging to sell, but it is always different in your own home, as the way you live is indeed different to when you place your home up for sale.

My latest project had to be repaired and restained as once home, I found it was coming apart at the back and needed to be thoroughly cleaned, repaired, reglued, and reinforced.  It also needed to be restained. New shelves to be made and stained as the old ones had buckled and would not support any weight. It was useful to have them as templates for the ones to be made. New knobs ordered as some were broken and the drawer to be lined. The reveal will come soon. 

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco

#styleorganization #bar # renovate # Art-deco

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Former Glory Restorations – Kitchen/Dining Room Door Restored


Dining room side restored
Former Glory Restorations restored the pivoting kitchen dining room door. This was the kitchen door before and after, I do not know why would anyone paint (badly) a beautiful door.
Restored after being painted white kitchen side prior to the kitchen being renovated.

The kitchen door painted white before being restored

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Renovating Our Home Again – This Will Be The Last Home (I Hope)


Built in 1928, this large 2.5 storey house had a lovely character and I wanted to find out if the house had any sort of history on record. I went to the library archives as well as to city hall to see if I could find some information as there was none with the house. While the house is on the heritage list it is not designated, due to low scores on the heritage property evaluation system, mainly due to the fact that no one prominent or famous had lived here. The builder and the architect remain unknown. What I do know for fact is that it is a very good quality home built in July 1928 prior to the Wall Street crash so money was in abundance and is a good example of the better residential architecture of the period. Interestingly the house has been renumbered from the original. The style is Tudor revival with craftsman details, the bottom half is brick including clinker brick which is ornamental. There is a variety of building materials including limestone, stucco and wood and (now removed) cedar shingles around the dormers. The original roof was cedar shingles with ornate verge board commonly known as fascia. The interior has red oak hardwood floors and sweet gum tree trimming. There is a wonderful fireplace in the sitting room with a green marble hearth known as French marble due to the green colour, even though it does not come from France. All the rooms are large. The sitting room, dining room, and the hallway have decorative ceilings coved (rounded) to the walls. The value was $6175 for the house and $350 for the garage. I do not know if that was the paid price. The family sold it 16 years later in 1944 for $11.900. We are currently still renovating and restoring the house and we love both the street and the city.

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Renovating – The Sitting Room Windows – Overlooking the Garden


Overlooking the garden the windows finally open!

The sitting room has three different styles of windows, 8 casements at the front and front sides, three sash or double hung overlooking the garden and two piano windows that flank the fireplace and do not open at all. My handy man has been itching to see if the sash can be taken out, so today we tried. We started by removing all the trim piece by piece and it has all been put together just like a puzzle, everything originally was custom made and done by hand. While it needs restoring as it is worn and dirty, the quality is fantastic so it has been a good decision to keep it.

1st piece of trim off
Trim removed for restoration
Bottom window out now taking out the top
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Restoration Hardwork! – Sitting Room Windows & Hardware



We have 13 windows in the sitting room, 8 large casement style, 3 sash or double hung and two piano windows which are all original to the house. After much research and visits to home shows and showrooms. We have decided to restore them and add aluminum storms to the outside. We decided to because of the following reasons.
  1. Cost, I could not believe how much it would cost and no guarantee that they would last as long as mine – 89 years and counting.
  2. Character, the wood is sweet gum wood, stained walnut. We could never replicate the patina.
  3. The mess, and wait for all these windows to be ordered and delivered.
How it is being done, We decided to do the casements first, each window has 12 panes. The windows were painted shut, so they had to be opened. We had already decided to replace the glass so it was an easy decision to break the panes, once broken pressure was applied to the frame and eased open. We started by taking out the casement and removing the hardware. Then they were stripped with a heat gun and we found that there were at least 10 coats of paint on the outside frame alone. I had decided on 3mm glass as opposed to 2mm which was the original width. Once ordered, we found that the glass per window being hand-crafted that they were all slightly differing sizes. After removing the paint the wood was re-stained to match the rest of the trim. One of the big changes was to make a border trim instead of using putty which only comes in an off white and would be very time consuming and would need painting. Again we tried a few trim sizes and settled on poplar which was stained to coordinate. The brass hardware had to be stripped, cleaned, and polished. Storms have been ordered.
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Style Organization Collects – Switch Plates and Plug Covers

Matching Set

When we moved in there was only plastic switchplates and covers in the house, and I do like to collect the old style plates for my plug outlets and light switches which compliment the rooms. Here are my latest finds.

Very Art-Deco
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Style Organization’s How To – Clean Brass Hardware from the Windows

Some of the brass window hardware getting a paint stripping bath.
  1. Work in your yard or garden, as this stuff is strong, don’t use it indoors unless well ventilated, if you can take it outside.
  2. Use really tough thick rubber gloves as paint stripper will burn
  3. Use safety goggles or glasses that you can see through, I use an old pair of sunglasses that are almost clear.
  4. Using aluminium sheets from a roll that I use for cooking, place in a large metal container, I used a paint tray
  5. Add hardware to be stripped.
  6. Add paint stripper and leave for 20 minutes to soften.
  7. Remove paint with fine wire wool.
  8.  Using an old metal coffee can and a little washing up liquid wash and rinse well.
  9. Use a product like Brasso to polish and clean.

I found very thick coats of green, pink, white and cream paint. I had to repeat as not all the paint was was removed.

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The Furnace Room Useful for Seasonal Storage

This furnace room is more like an L shaped hall which houses the sump pump and a backwater valve just installed. It is all very clean, tidy and now functional with a shelf and some large bags hanging from the ceiling storing all Christmas and seasonal items so now everyone knows where to look.

Seasonal Storage
Hanging Seasonal Storage
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Shabby But Not Chic – Until Painted – Chest of Drawers with Large Mirror

The Inspiration – a dusting powder box a colour in between selected
The Inspiration – a vintage cardigan
Shabby but not Chic

I am not a huge fan of painted furniture as it usually needs to be re-done and I hate to give myself extra work but sometimes a piece just works better in this case a chest of drawers with a large fixed mirror. For inspiration, I took a vintage cardigan and a dusting powder box that had the right combination of colour for the room. Deep vanilla cream for the wall and there was some walnut coloured wood furniture and to compliment a burnt orange paint for the chest. The handles were an odd size and I did not want to drill any extra holes so I repainted the worn handles in a dark grey and filled some holes in where some decorative handles had been.

Great Mirror and Loads of Drawer Space

1st Coat

All lined up
Looking Good!