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The Weekend Declutter – Tidy Up Ribbons, Fabric & Gift Wrap

Made in Windsor Gift Bags From Fabric  Scraps
Made in Windsor Gift Bags From Fabric Scraps
An easy fix to tidy up ribbons is to raid your stationary draw for bull dog clips to hold large ribbons and paper-clips to hold small. For small pieces of paper roll up and secure with an elastic band store with the  ribbons on a tray or in a basket. If you have a lot of ribbons on spools you can use a wire coat hanger – use padded pliers to unravel, and then thread spools on to hanger. Re Close gently and hang in a closet. For rolls of paper, store in a clean waste paper basket or any tall container, Store in same closet. If you have any pieces of material that are not big enough to use for dressmaking or soft furnishings take the time now to sew up the sides to make gift bags to use later.








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Why don’t You… Repurpose Your Ribbons & Restyle your Jewelry

Instead of purchasing additional lengths of beads, chains or pearls, think about using ribbon to make double or quadruple strands which are easily interchangeable. Simply tie into place with a loose knot that also hides the clasp. As a bonus the necklace holds in place and does not need adjusting as you move. Depending on what you already own the colour combinations of beads and ribbon are endless.

This is one long black glass pearl strand that has been doubled and tied with a red grosgrain ribbon, It can also be made into four strands that sits on the collar bone nicely.