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Style Organization Collects – Switch Plates and Plug Covers

Matching Set

When we moved in there was only plastic switchplates and covers in the house, and I do like to collect the old style plates for my plug outlets and light switches which compliment the rooms. Here are my latest finds.

Very Art-Deco
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September Updated!

Use a favourite pin to make a choker!
Use a favourite pin to make a choker!

Another summer gone, and 2016 will be remembered as the hottest since records began in some places. I for one welcome September with fall, or autumn, as we call it in England just around the corner. I love the more temperate weather which energizes me and I just seem to be happier. This is certainly my favourite time of year and this is what I am doing now.  Here are my top 5 tips.

  1. I have been window shopping and seen what is now available, I am pleased to say it is not really for me, not a fan of cold shoulders or chokers but these are so easy to make just take some pretty ribbon sew on a couple of stud poppers to close and add a favourite brooch and you are trend ready.
  2. If you want to update your home or your wardrobe only buy something that you really love, and makes you look amazing. If anything needs replacing get it now before you need it. I have bought two trays, a silver plated one for drinks specially requested by my husband for his personal use in his domain or man cave and a square wooden one to corral and keep odds and ends neat and tidy.
  3. Polish up your image with some style. The new hose for this season will give anything you already own a new look.
  4. Don’t forget to give the pieces you already own some love. Polish, clean and repair! You will look stylish.
  5. Check out your makeup and skincare getting rid of anything that is broken  and used up. Edit your look and update it for the coming season. 




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Why don’t You… Repurpose Your Ribbons & Restyle your Jewelry

Instead of purchasing additional lengths of beads, chains or pearls, think about using ribbon to make double or quadruple strands which are easily interchangeable. Simply tie into place with a loose knot that also hides the clasp. As a bonus the necklace holds in place and does not need adjusting as you move. Depending on what you already own the colour combinations of beads and ribbon are endless.

This is one long black glass pearl strand that has been doubled and tied with a red grosgrain ribbon, It can also be made into four strands that sits on the collar bone nicely.

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Why Don’t You….Re-Imagine a Scarf

First, I cannot sew anything except buttons, so I have to improvise to re-imagine my wardrobe.
Several years ago at Holt Renfrew, I saw some lovely designer scarves for around $300.00 each. I decided to re-imagine my own; I am still wearing it as it is a timeless piece. I bought a long pale pink chiffon type material scarf for $5.00 and I already had some pink and gold beads. See my scarf. If you already have a long scarf and some beads it’s no cost and a lot of fun. Simply take coordinating thread and sew some beads on for a classic look. To make it offbeat and more creative, use different coloured threads and buttons. Whatever you select it will be your design.

P.S. In the 1970s I bought a red fringed cashmere scarf from Yves Saint Laurent in Knightsbridge London SW3 U.K. I loved that scarf and wore it every winter. After 25 years the fringes had become tattered so I cut them off and I sewed assorted buttons of various colours where I had cut the fringe. I received more compliments on that scarf then before. My daughter now uses it as she considers it vintage.

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Why Don’t You…. Makeover Some Jewellery – Necklace & Drop Earrings

If you have any necklaces on hand great, otherwise scour second hand shops, flea markets, bead and craft stores or even hold a jewellery swop meet with your friends to find something you like. You could even have a jewellery making party at the same time.
 I used dark Aurora Borealis crystals from a broken two string necklace that was waiting for a make-over. This was a too short (for me) older 50s necklace that came with a hook and beaded tail. I used a clamshell bead tip which is designed to hide the entire knot, to give my necklace a more finished look. You will need the following:

Clasp (or if necklace design is long enough you can knot closure)
Crimping beads/Clamshell bead tips
Small (jewellery) pliers
Fishing line, fragrance free dental floss or preferred thread.
Long sewing pins sometimes known as imperial/head pins which come in various lengths and can be purchased from any retailer selling sewing supplies.
Sheppard’s hook, post, hoops, European lever-backs or clip-on earrings style that you want. I always buy for pieced and convert or sell the rest.

Necklace: Lay out your design, (a large dinner plate works well with a piece of plain material laid on top to stop beads rolling around). Thread in desired combination and if it is long enough you can knot it or simply add a clasp. The easiest ones allow you to thread and knot then the clasp can then be screwed shut. If selecting a different style such as a lobster claw you will  have to take the extra step and use clamshell tips or crimping beads to hold the clasp in place.

Earrings: For the drop style shown, thread beads onto a pin largest first, graduating smaller to the top. Use pliers to form a loop at the end. Attach to earring finding.

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Shabby But Not Chic – Until Painted – Chest of Drawers with Large Mirror

The Inspiration – a dusting powder box a colour in between selected
The Inspiration – a vintage cardigan
Shabby but not Chic

I am not a huge fan of painted furniture as it usually needs to be re-done and I hate to give myself extra work but sometimes a piece just works better in this case a chest of drawers with a large fixed mirror. For inspiration, I took a vintage cardigan and a dusting powder box that had the right combination of colour for the room. Deep vanilla cream for the wall and there was some walnut coloured wood furniture and to compliment a burnt orange paint for the chest. The handles were an odd size and I did not want to drill any extra holes so I repainted the worn handles in a dark grey and filled some holes in where some decorative handles had been.

Great Mirror and Loads of Drawer Space

1st Coat

All lined up
Looking Good!
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6 Drawer Chest with Mirror On Standby

I needed another chest of drawers and a mirror and I found this piece that combined both I did try refinishing it and it looks okay but I have decided to paint the piece a deep orange! (Gasp! so unlike me) but not until later as there are too many projects on the go at present.

On standby for painting
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Finding Your Style

Finding your Style
Finding your Style

For me it not about using someones style it’s about using what I like and then seeing if it works, if it does great, if it does not, then use it somewhere else. The designers are right in that you do find inspiration in odd and unexpected places. I work on the principle of what I do each day as opposed to a classic or traditional look, in truth I love them all. The only style that I feel is a lot of work outside of a kitchen and bathroom is contemporary as unless everyone in the household is neat and tidy or you live alone then that style can look terribly cluttered, my husband loves contemporary however as soon as he sees an open space, all his stuff migrates there and then he has various “tidy up times” which take forever and then it is neat for about an hour before the migration begins again.

For my clients I do exactly the same I find out how they run their businesses, their lives and homes and then I customize a plan based on their needs, wants and budgets.