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Wood for Good

Wood for Good in Windsor On
Wood for Good in Windsor On

How to keep your hardwood floors and wood furniture beautiful.

  • Clean and dust often with a lint-free cloth, as dust will eventually scratch the surface if left.
  • Use the right product for a bi annual deep clean. You will need to know what your floors and furniture are finished with.
  • Try to keep some humidity in the house as too little may cause cracking, warping and shrinkage.
  • Protect your floors by using felt pads on the legs of tables and chairs.
  • On tables use table mats and drink coasters.
  • Place small pads or cork trivets under anything that may scratch such as a table lamp or vase.


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Healthy Living – Lighten Up Your Food With Easy Tips

Lighten up your food
Lighten up your food
You don’t have to be on a diet to watch the fat content in your food, here are some easy tips.
1. Add cooked rice, any kind, to a soup and puree to give it a really creamy taste.
2. No rice, puree a cooked potato instead.
3. Use applesauce, mashed bananas or prune puree for some of the fat in your baked goods. Replace small amount gradually to taste.
4. In a creamy dish such as a custard use evaporated low-fat milk to give a whole milk taste.
5. Make your own breadcrumbs for toppings etc by using a whole-wheat bread which will give you more B vitamins and cholesterol busting fiber, keeps your hunger at bay longer too. 
6. Blend butter and olive oil, usually 50/50 together, using a mixer for an easy spread to help you use less without sacrificing taste.
7. Bake your fries in the oven, two ways, drizzle with a little olive oil, my current fave is basil infused oil or dry roast with just a little salt on top.
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In The Kitchen – Top Tips


If you eat anything too spicy, eat yoghurt, sour cream, or drink some milk to soothe the heat. 

2 No nuts for baked goods, try some crunchy cereal.

3 To make superfine sugar, whirl in blender.

4 To make self-rising flour, add 1 ½ tsp baking powder and 1/8 tsp salt to each cup of flour used.

5 Baking chocolate – unsweetened, 3 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tbsp. butter, oil, or margarine.

6 Baking chocolate – semi-sweetened, 3 tbsps. unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tbsp. butter, oil or margarine 3 tbsps. of sugar.

7 For breadcrumbs, use any crackers or unsweetened cereal crushed in a bag with a rolling pin or tin can

8 To make a substitute light corn syrup use 1 1/4 cup granulated sugar to 1/3 cup of water until smooth and syrupy.

9 When you need buttermilk for baking, simply add 1 tbsp. lemon juice to 1 cup of milk.

10 To prevent potatoes from turning black after peeling keep under water until needed.

11 Always keep an apple with potatoes to keep fresh.

12 Never store onions and potatoes in the same container.

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Today’s Tip – Dampness in Attics, Cupboards, Closets and Basements

Here are some simple ways to solve the problems of dampness. Tie a dozen pieces of chalk together with string or use a nylon mesh bag such as the type that onions come in to hang in closet. If closet already has a musty smell, use a bowl or an old nylon stocking/leg of panty hose, or small gauze bag and hang up filled with cedar chips or lavender to refresh. Don’t stuff closets too full, leave some space for air to circulate. When you use the  dehumidifier, leave the closet/cupboard doors open and run to absorb the excess moisture. 

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Ideas Worth Saving – Improvised Tools – 12 Tips

1 Use a dime instead of a slotted screwdriver.
2 Use the tip of a potato peeler instead of Phillips-head screwdriver.
3 Use a cotton bud for small paint touch ups.
4 Use an emery board as a mini sander.
5 Use any empty detergent, laundry or soda bottle for a funnel. Just cut where needed.
6 Use a square type mason jar filled ¾ full with water to utilize as a spirit level.
7 Save strait edged cardboard from packaging to use as paint shields to protect walls or baseboards.
8 Use an old piece of hosiery to strain lumpy paint.
9 Cut a large X in an old tennis ball and place on top of a hammer if you need a mallet.
10 Use an old sock on one end of a broom to clean under washing machine, fridge and oven.
11 Use kitchen scissors for cutting pizza or tortillas.
12 Use a large potato to remove a light bulb if it breaks in the socket, any broken glass will be stick to the potato. Don’t forget to turn off the power.
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September – A New Start for Many

vintage -
one of kind

A change of season is almost upon us and children going back to school affects most of us in some way either by a new routine or heavier traffic, getting organized may seem daunting especially with change but with a little thought it can be easier than you think and everyone will benefit. Here are my top 10 picks.
1 To begin take a few hours to window shop and visit your favourite stores and see what is being offered for fall, take note of what you have back in the closet, no more duplicates allowed – edit by wearing what you already have, do not stock up, and only buy something that you really love, looks great on you and if it will work with what you already own. Don’t forget undies, hose, jewellery and accessories. Do this seasonally for your home as well as your wardrobe.
2 Update your image with some style. Take a white shirt or blouse and change the buttons for contrast, red IS hot for fall and it looks good and gives YOU a different look from everyone else wearing the same white shirt. If you do not want to go the trouble of changing all the buttons, just change the top one for a really interesting design or a vintage button.
3 Polish all you leather pieces. Use a non-coloured polish for handbags, wallets and belts and colored for shoes and boots.
4 If anything needs to be repaired or tossed, do it before you need it. You will look polished and well groomed.
5 Go through all your skincare and makeup especially lip colour and sort through it all, now is the time to edit and update. You will feel good and look even better.
6 Start taking some vitamins a good multivitamin, some vitamin C to ward off colds this fall/winter. Colds seem to strike especially once school starts and take any others that are appropriate for you.
7 Buy at least one trendy item in one of the colours of the season; it will make your wardrobe feel fresh.
8 If you have to buy a coat or any other winter item, look now as you will have your choice of what’s available and often the price is better.
9 Start applying a good hand cream up to your elbows and feet just before bed and you will have softer, more youthful looking hands and feet in no time.
10 Sewing Kit – You may have all you need on hand to make up a handy kit for small repairs. Just gather up some needles thread and small scissors with a button or two. Check your junk drawer in case you have one left from a hotel stay. Keep in a small cosmetic purse and add to it as you need to.

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Handywoman’s Guide – Keeping Drafts Out – Weatherstripping for Free


A really easy way to insulate your home is by adding foam insulators to all the electrical outlets and switches located on the exterior walls, I do the interior as well as I have an old house. The foam insulators cost around 4.99 per packet plus tax and one pack is never enough. I had a revelation why not use the styrofoam trays that food comes in, just cut out and use instead, I do wish I thought of it sooner as  I would have saved a bundle. Use the plate as a template and then cut out.
Hope this is a tip you can use.
Another useful tip – this was a mushroom tray and in my area we cannot recycle them so they have to be thrown away.
Other uses would be using the small trays for small jobs – holding screws, small disposable paint tray,