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Diet Plus Leftovers – It can all go Pear Shaped!

Diet Plus Leftovers
Pear Shaped

The New year’s resolutions of starting a diet as soon as January 1st dawns seems a sure way to set anyone up for failure. Not to mention the cold weather when you want some comfort food! It is now halfway through January and I still have some Christmas fare to use up, Stilton, fancy crackers, cream and some desserts. Unless I want to give/throw it away I have to be practical and use what I can’t freeze, otherwise it all goes pear shaped, literally.  I popped the Christmas cake in the freezer, made a Stilton butter again freezing for later, after adding some grated to salads and a homemade carrot and fennel soup. (I am trying to eat my fruits and veggies). With the cream I made a sauce adding it to the leftover turkey, made a fool with fresh blueberries and invited neighbours over for coffee and dessert. I still have some wine in a wine box so I will have to make a wine jelly and add those figs to wine to make a preserve to save for the next holiday, Valentine’s Day which can be another fattening one! No chocolates please! Planning on consomme, salmon and asparagus and strawberries for dessert!