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Wine made Simple

Assorted Wines for Tasting
Assorted Wines for Tasting

Red. Often a blend of two or more grape varieties, these gorgeous reds are delicate while being robust to deliver a seamless taste. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc pairs delightfully with cheese, beef and lamb. 

White. Lighter than their red counterpart and perfect as an aperitif, whites are an ideal companion with grilled fish and soft tangy cheeses.

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Time savers – Presents and One Stop Shopping

If you are short of time for whatever reason, my time saver for presents – bottles of wine, red, white, rose and sparkling which is also my favourite, wrapped up in a wine bag, a bottle box or some pretty paper is always a popular gift (at least with my friends) and if you need a bottle of wine to drink at home you always have one on hand, and it’s easily replaced. Double up and put into a double bottle basket carrier for a more generous gift. The great thing about wine is that it does not go off,  it is disposable, and the bottles can be recycled so no worries buying some knick-knack that they may hate. Try a bottle of brandy or single malt which is nice for a special gift, this would delight my husbands . If you have teetotal friends a delicious tin of European chocolate biscuits (cookies) or some nice chocolates is a great gift and you can pick these up at your grocery store. 
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Style Organization’s Wine Project – Purchase 6 Bottles of Red under $8

Vino 001

Vino 003

Vino 004

Vino 005

Vino 006

Vino 007


It was getting expensive, so I set myself a target to select 6 bottles of red wine for under $8. I was pleased that I did this quite easily and then set to try them out. One friend was so impressed with the Cesari Merlot that I told her about my project, the next day she went out to buy the same wine. The amazing thing is that these are all European wines and had to travel here. I tried the same experiment with white but found only two under $8 so I may have to visit a bigger wine store.